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Pre-printed Lanyards are a selection of lanyards with wide varieties of themed patterns or designs already imprinted on the lanyards straps. They are perfect for those who have limited budget but would like to match their ID holders to the focus of the events that they would be attending.

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The International flag pattern is printed on the strap of LHD8001 International flag lanyard. International flag lanyard
Lanyard price$6.00/each lanyard
Lanyards are incredibly useful little accessories and can be used for many different reasons. They are usually made out of pieces of wire, rope, or certain cloth and are designed to hold or attach to an object. Lanyard is popular in businesses, schools, conventions, hospitals and more. A majority of the time they are used to secure items such as a key, id card, or work badge. You can wear a lanyard just about anywhere but usually you wear it around your arm, waist, neck or wrist. the lanyards themselves have distinct meanings. In some companies, the color of one's lanyard shows which organization or project one is working on.