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Non-metal lanyards are not interfere the equipment work. Metal free attachments is great for use in schools, hospitals and at trade shows.
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LNB013N J Hook Lanyard LNB013N J Hook Lanyard
Lanyard Price$0.55/each when order over 500+
Lanyards are incredibly useful little accessories and can be used for many different reasons. They are usually made out of pieces of wire, rope, or certain cloth and are designed to hold or attach to an object. ID lanyards are popular in businesses, schools, conventions, hospitals and more. A majority of the time they are used to secure items such as a key, id card, or work badge. You can wear a lanyard just about anywhere but usually you wear it around your arm, waist, neck or wrist. the lanyards themselves have distinct meanings. In some companies, the color of one's lanyard shows which organization or project one is working on.