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Lanyards are rope straps or flat webbing which is worn around the neck, wrist, arm or waist to carry keys, an ID badge, a whistle, small object or display id card, name badge or security access control identification.
This multifunction lanyard is a non-breakaway neck strap. The id lanyards can easy add-on the fastener and easy take off the fastener. Super lanyards are great way to ensure that your employees, students, attendees and visitors will have their identification on and visible at all times. These id neck straps are comfortable to wear and affordable to buy. We also offe FREE shipping !! on orders of $150 or more when you purchase items from this category.
Lanyards are incredibly useful little accessories and can be used for many different reasons. They are usually made out of pieces of wire, rope, or certain cloth and are designed to hold or attach to an object. Lanyards are popular in businesses, schools, conventions, hospitals and more. A majority of the time they are used to secure items such as a key, id card, or work badge. You can wear a lanyard just about anywhere but usually you wear it around your arm, waist, neck or wrist. the lanyards themselves have distinct meanings. In some companies, the color of one's lanyard shows which organization or project one is working on.