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Lanyards are rope straps or flat webbing which is worn around the neck, wrist, arm or waist to carry keys, an ID badge, a whistle, small object or display id card, name badge or security access control identification.
Key ring lanyard with safety breakaway is popular staff id strap. The safety lanyards allows the breakaway buckle to release when it comes under unusual strain or force. So with a short tug the keyring lanyard will break away from your neck. And you can easy reattach the safety breakaway buckle after pulled. We also offe FREE shipping !! on orders of $150 or more when you purchase items from this category.
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LRB321N Key Ring Lanyard LRB321N Key Ring Lanyard
Lanyard Price :$0.45/each when order over 500+
LRB011N Rope Lanyard LRB011N Rope Lanyard
Lanyard Price$0.45/each when order over 500+
LNB011N Cord Lanyard LNB011N Cord Lanyard
Lanyard Price$0.55/each when order over 500+
LNB241N Id Badge Lanyard LNB241N Id Badge Lanyard
Lanyard Price$0.70/each when order over 500+
LNB251N Conference Lanyard LNB251N Conference Lanyard
Lanyard Price$0.80/each when order over 500+
Lanyards are incredibly useful little accessories and can be used for many different reasons. They are usually made out of pieces of wire, rope, or certain cloth and are designed to hold or attach to an object. Lanyards come in many different colors, thicknesses, lengths and styles. There are 3 common style lanyards. Key ring lanyards are useful for keys or a whistle. This key lanyard might also feature a split connector so you can remove the part of the neck strap holding the object and snap it back into place afterwards. Bulldog clip lanyards which are similar to an alligator clip, has two serrated jaws which open when you squeeze it. Swivel hook lanyards are good for ID badges which have a hole for attaching them.