Ever get stuck during the process of browsing through a website full of products and descriptions while not feeling sure about any of the items or services provided online? Don't worry. You won't have to seek for outside sources to help you make the decision when it comes to us. This is because we have our customers' words to prove that we really do our best to serve each and one of you who would like to use our service for either their event's ID wear or company's small giveaway gifts to staffs. Check out the following top reviews that we have received from local small business to global well known brands!

I have been working together with Superlanyard.com for a few years and their service is exceptional. I had never had any trouble with any of my orders from them. The lanyards are just as advertised and very well made. Perfect for any event!

by Yu Yamaki   DISCO International, Inc., NY  

Shake Shack

You have amazing customer service!!! We worked with you to receive an out of stock order for a huge event coming up and you guys really delivered. Thanks so much!!!

by Bri Parsonnet   Shake Shack, NY 

Super Lanyard did an excellent job with creating our custom lanyards. They were very responsive to changes made during the review process. I received our order in a timely manner. I will be reordering with Super Lanyard in the future.

by Denise Wildman  The Creek, IN   

They were quick with sending a sample and great experience with quick delivery. Highly recommend.

by Brea Ballard   Oxi Fresh Franchising, CO  

An order from another company fell through 1 week before our event. Super Lanyard came thru with good prices, good customer service, and excellent shipping & delivery speed.

by Troy Wallace  Jewish Voice Ministries International, AZ