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The customize lanyard is a 3/4 inch lanyard and  a id card lanyard.Lanyards can be imprinted for advertising with a name or customized logo printed on the straps. So custom lanyard is a great and low cost choice for your corporate need, as you can use them inside of your company, as well as on such events as expos and conferences.
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customize id neck strap LRP008 customize id neck strap
customize id neck strap price$1.90/each lanyard
customize id neck strap setup fee$40.00
customizable lanyard LRP022 customizable lanyard
customizable lanyard price$1.90/each lanyard
customizable lanyard setup fee$40.00
customize lanyard LRP026 customize lanyard
customize lanyard price$1.90/each lanyard
customize lanyard setup fee$40.00
customize lanyards LRPX26 customize lanyards
customize lanyards price$1.90/each lanyard
customize lanyards setup fee$40.00
customize id lanyards LRPH26 customize id lanyards
customize id lanyards price$2.30/each lanyard
customize id lanyards setup fee$40.00
customize retractable lanyards LNPL26 customize retractable lanyards
customize retractable lanyards price$2.70/each retractable lanyard
customize retractable lanyards setup fee$40.00
Custom neck lanyards are great to get noticed at your exhibition or promotional event. With your company name with
custom lanyard that help organize your
event and add a touch of professionalism. We offer 4 width size of custom neck lanyard.
Lanyard is a rope strap or flat webbing which is worn around the neck, wrist, arm or waist to carry keys,
an ID badge, a whistle, small object or display id card, name badge or security access control
identification. Neck lanyards are the most common type. Lanyards come in many different colors,
thicknesses, lengths and styles.
And lanyards can be imprinted for advertising with a name or customized logo printed on the straps. So
custom lanyard a great promotional item for its functionality for schools, tradeshows, hospitals, businesses,
special events and seminars as well as for fraternal, religious and civic organizations.